The Anti-Aging and Beautifying Magic of Marine Collagen

Nov 9, 2019 | Skincare

Marine collagen is one of the purest and most sustainable forms of collagen. In the fight against wrinkles and fine lines, using collagen in skincare is one of the best defences.

As you age, our body starts to naturally decrease its collagen production. This is where skincare products using high-quality collagen can come to the rescue.

From having more youthful-looking skin to reducing those fine lines, we’ve rounded up the benefits of using marine collagen in your skincare routine. Here’s everything you need to know about this magical supplement.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is produced by our bodies naturally. This protein helps support the healthy growth of skin, nails, joints, bones, and hair. Not only are the effects of collagen great for your skin, but it also helps keep your bones and joints healthy.

In terms of collagen in our body, after the age of 20, we start to produce 1% less per year. Because collagen is so essential in stopping our skin from sagging and wrinkling, this percentage has a profound effect on the look of your skin.

Similar to humans, collagen is also produced by animals and marine life. When sourced properly, this supplement can combat the natural collagen loss happening in our bodies.

Types of Collagen

There are five types of collagen available. Collagen forms include Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V, and Type X. The difference between the types of collagen is in where they are sourced. Where the collagen comes from makes a big difference.

Type I collagen is a protein. This protein helps our skin, bones, and other tissue. We have the most of this form of collagen in our bodies. Type 1 is the best when it comes to restoration.

Type II comes from cartilage. This is what supports bone and joint health. Type III is found in our skin and organs. Similar to Type I, we have the most of this form in our body. Type I and Type III help improve the elasticity of our skin.

Type V actually comes from the placenta during pregnancy. Type X supports cartilage and bone growth and is found in cartilage.

Why Use Marine Collagen in Skin Care?

The variety of collagen comes from several different sources including, marine, poultry, bovine, and porcine. It’s important to note that there are no vegan forms of collagen. Plant collagen doesn’t promote the production of collagen the same way. Plants aren’t made with the same amino acids.

The cleanest and most pure form comes from marine collagen. Collagen from fish is absorbed faster by your body and it doesn’t contain the contaminants that are often found in collagen from land animals.

Other forms of collagen from bovine sources, for example, don’t contain the combination of Type III and Type I collagen. Land animals are also often filled with hormones. You don’t see that in ethically sourced fish.

Marine Collagen Benefits

Marine collagen is the purest and most clean source available. Fish collagen is also the most effective. Not only will your body absorb more but you’ll also see more of the benefits.

Marine collagen helps boost more than just your body’s natural beauty. There are significant health benefits to using marine collagen as well. Here are a few of the main reasons to love it.

1. Decreases Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The biggest benefit of marine collagen is on your skin. It’s no secret that the younger you are, the more elastic and radiant your skin looks. This is due to the amount of collagen you have in your skin.

Using marine collagen in your skincare routine will help your body absorb collagen better than other forms. It will also help replace the collagen you naturally lose as you age. The result is firmer, better-looking skin.

Using clean, marine collagen will reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Using marine collagen puts a ton of moisture back into your skin. You’ll see a noticeable difference in the quality of your skin tone as well with less dark spots and discoloration.

2. Promotes Hair and Nail Growth

Marine collagen contains amino acids that help grow protein in your hair. It can actually strengthen the roots that are attached to hair follicles. Collagen also promotes healthy nail growth. Your body will absorb more calcium making your nails stronger.

3. Supports Bone and Joint Health

Marine collagen isn’t just good for your outer appearance. Collagen peptides actually help your body absorb minerals and calcium more effectively. Calcium keeps your bones and joints in great shape.

Additionally, if you suffer from joint pain, it can be linked to a loss of collagen. This is the result of deterioration from age. Collagen combats this by helping your joints run smoother. Think of it like oil on a wheel.

Collagen is known to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is our body’s natural response to foreign toxins. Toxins from foods can put your immune system into overdrive causing painful inflammation.

4. Stabilizes Your Bodily Functions

Collagen naturally helps regulate your bodily functions. Marine collagen can help stabilise blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism and help with digestion.

The Magic of Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is the purest form of collagen available. When it is properly sourced it is sustainable and free of toxins and hormones. This is the next best thing to the collagen that is produced in your body.

Marine collagen is like a little drop from the fountain of youth. Not only does it hydrate better, but it is also easier for your body to absorb. From fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, you’ll see a big difference in your skin.

Marine collagen also gives you benefits you can feel. It can help promote healthier bones, joints, hair, and skin. It can also reduce inflammation, maintain blood sugar, and boost your metabolism.

If you’re ready to try these magical properties for yourself, check out the products featured here made with marine collagen. You’ll be one step closer to healthier, younger, looking skin, and more.

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