Moisturise Your Face: Why This Is a Skin-Care Must

May 18, 2020 | Skincare

Both women and men have been recognizing the importance of protecting their skin and keeping it hydrated, now more than ever.

But if you’re among those who feel like you can’t be bothered with another “to-do” each and every day, you might be wondering whether or not it’s even worth the effort to moisturise your face on a regular basis.

If you’re on the fence about putting in the time, or if you’ve been moisturizing more lately and wondering if keeping it up will make a difference, here are some things to keep in mind:

Moisturise Your Face to Keep Skin Problems at Bay

When you use the right kind of moisturise for your type of skin, it helps it maintain balance. Skin that is either too oily or too dry is more likely to suffer from acne, dull appearance, flakiness, and so on.

If your skin is more on the oily side, you should look for a moisturise that is more of a lotion than a cream and which includes an exfoliant. If your skin tends to be dry, seek out a cream that is dense and higher in oil content to keep your skin well hydrated.

Reduce the Appearance of Blemishes

Well-moisturised skin has a healthy sheen to it, and skin that sheen helps even out the appearance of obvious blemishes. You can also opt for a moisturiser with a self-tanner or tint mixed in to help further even out your skin tone for a more even appearance.

Foundation and concealer will also go on much more smoothly on the skin that is moisturised. Dry skin doesn’t tend to hold makeup as well and tends to show creases and fine lines through the makeup more easily.

Moisturise Your Face to Keep it Looking Young

Certain areas of your skin are more sensitive than others and have a higher turnover rate for replacing dead skin cells. This makes them more prone to dryness and the elements and most susceptible to developing skin cancer. These areas include your chest, face, ears, and neck.

When you moisturise your face, neck, chest, and ears daily, you help protect these vulnerable areas and keep them looking young and healthy. Ask your dermatologist for a recommendation on the best moisturiser for your skin type and age.

Fight Wrinkles

Each time your moisturise your face, you add to that firm, plump feeling that moisturised skin holds. Skin that stays well-hydrated and moisturized is less likely to develop wrinkles than skin that is dehydrated and dry.

If you spend years neglecting your skin and expose it to the wind, sun, and other harsh conditions, and fail to moisturise it regularly, you’ll see the effects.

By spending just a few minutes each day moisturizing your skin and protecting it when you can, you’ll develop wrinkles less easily and maintain a more youthful appearance for longer.

Reduce the Damage Done After a Hot Shower

If you regularly take hot showers, you know how great they can feel, especially on a cold winter morning or on sore muscles. But no matter how great hot water can feel, it has a habit of stripping the moisture right out of your skin.

Take a moment right after your hot shower, hot bath, or time spent in a hot tub and moisturise your face and the rest of your skin.

All Moisturisers Are Not Created Equal

Keep in mind that there are some moisturisers made for the face and others intended for the body. Any lotion won’t do the trick, especially when it comes to moisturizing your face.

Be sure to read the directions and intentions of use before purchases or using a moisturiser. Your dermatologist is a great resource for guiding you toward the best moisturizer for your skin type and your needs.

Types of Moisturisers

As we mentioned, your doctor or dermatologist can make the best recommendations of a moisturiser that’s best for your unique skin. But to help guide you in the right direction, here is a brief summary of the different types of moisturizers:


These are lightweight and have high water content. They absorb easily into the skin and don’t leave it feeling greasy. People with oily skin tend to lean toward lotions.


Gels are another lightweight option that absorbs easily. Many gels contain alcohol which can be a problem for people with sensitive skin.


Creams are heavyweight moisturisers and can provide a lot of hydration for skin that is naturally dry.


These are the thickest types of moisturiser and they have a high oil content. They’re best for extremely dry skin or dry skin conditions.

When you have a clear understanding of your skin type, you can better pick the type of moisturiser that will be best for you. Then you’ll start to notice the benefits that daily moisturizing can bring.

Discover Other Useful Skin Care Tips

Hopefully these insights have given you a reason to moisturise your face more regularly to keep your skin healthy and vibrant for years to come.

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