Natural Skin Remedy: How to Prevent Dry Skin

May 18, 2020 | Skincare

Is dry skin getting you down?

Unfortunately, for many of us, dry skin is a common problem, often caused by the weather, heat, harsh detergents or soaps, or skin conditions.

The good news is that many natural products can be used as a skin remedy for dry skin. Using ingredients from nature is one of the best ways to soothe, refresh, and hydrate dry skin, bringing back a fresh, glowing look.

Read on to learn the best natural remedies for dry skin, along with how you can include them in your beauty regime.

Use Steam

Dry, indoor air can wreak havoc on our skin, especially in the colder winter months when we’re using heaters frequently.

Dry skin is common in winter and commonly results in dry, itchy, or flaky skin. A great way to treat this is by using a humidifier, especially in your bedroom.

Humidifiers work to put moisture back into the air, so they help refresh dry skin. As a natural dry skin remedy, use steam or a hot washcloth to open up the pores on your face, a helpful way to start a DIY home facial.

Steam has many benefits to the skin, including loosening blackheads, increasing circulation, and hydration. It’s also easy and accessible to everyone.

Take Shorter Showers

We all enjoy the comfort and relaxation of a hot shower or bath, but if you suffer from dry skin, try to not indulge for too long.

Hot water strips our skin of its natural oils, leaving skin dry. Try to keep showers under ten minutes and enjoy the warm water, but not scalding hot.

When you do get out of the shower, gently pat your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing, as this will be easier on your skin.

Moisturise Skin When Still Damp

Moisturising your skin daily is one of the best ways to maintain dewy and fresh skin. But when is the best time to moisturise?

You should be moisturising after showering or washing your face, ideally while your skin is still damp. This way, moisturisers can trap in the water left on your skin after the shower to help hydrate and refresh.

It’s good practice to get into the routine of washing your face day and night and moisturising afterwards, especially right before you go to bed. This gives your skin time to regenerate and refresh overnight, and over time you’ll start to wake up with softer skin.

You can also give extra moisture to your feet, which often experience dry and cracked skin, by putting socks on immediately after moisturising, then going to bed. This helps keep the moisture on your skin and will help hydrate, especially if done daily.

Try an Oatmeal Bath

One of the best home remedies for dry skin is an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal reduces inflammation, soothes, and does great things for dry skin.

Oatmeal has been known for a long time to help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and can reduce itching or painful skin rashes or bites.

If you’ve never tried an oatmeal bath, it can be a seriously relaxing part of your self-care routine.

You can easily make an oatmeal bath at home. Create an oatmeal soak by blending or crushing oats and combining them with water until they dissolve into a paste. This can then be added to your bath, creating a natural and effective soak.

If you’re looking for other soothing natural remedies to add to your bath, consider essential oils, like peppermint or lemon, coconut oil, or Epsom salts.

Antioxidants as a Skin Remedy

Antioxidants have long been known to benefit our health. They defend our body against free radicals, which damage our skin over time, leading to aging, dry skin, and can even lead to cancer.

We can eat foods rich in antioxidants to help our body, such as berries, seafood, and spinach and leeks. However, antioxidants can also benefit our skin when applied in skincare products.

ARISH Hydrating Essence is made with natural products rich in antioxidants, including blueberry extract and Kakadu plums, which are also rich in Vitamin C.

Antioxidants help rejuvenate our skin by increasing collagen production, keeping skin looking healthy and fresh. They are also one of the best remedies to protect against dry, tired-looking skin.

Indulge in Olive Oil and Honey

Some of the best natural remedies for dry skin can be found in the kitchen. Olive oil and honey are two great natural remedies for dry skin.

Although it might seem strange at first to put oil on your face, both oil and sunflower oils are some of the best natural moisturisers around. Olive oil is naturally rich in Vitamins E and K, and also antioxidants.

Applied to the skin in small amounts, it can help with both anti-ageing and dry skin. However, there are also benefits to your health and skin from incorporating olive oil into your diet, such as on salads when cooking.

Honey is also a great remedy because it is a natural humectant — that is, a substance that helps to protect the moisture already in your skin.

Want to make a natural face mask using honey? Combine a tablespoon each of honey and mashed ripe banana. Apply to your skin and let dry, then rinse off completely.

You’ll be left with soft, supple skin. Even better, you’ve obtained it naturally, avoiding store-bought face masks that contain unnecessary preservatives and chemicals.

Honey creams and moisturisers are easy to make, such as manuka honey of New Zealand, which has long been known for its moisturising properties.

Softer Skin Awaits

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and can affect our self-confidence, but now that you know which ingredients can be used as a natural skin remedy, start incorporating these natural materials into your beauty routine.

Contact us for any questions or suggestions for your skincare regime. We are a local company, based in Melbourne, and we believe in clear, glowing skin from natural and chemical-free means.

Start enjoying the benefits of natural skincare today.

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